Sunday, January 13, 2013

Amare Amaryllis

Amaryllis bulbs make for a fun and easy way to add some color and sophistication indoors.  They are actually much less complicated to grow than most people think, especially if you follow my tips. 
Tip#1: Always buy big, healthy bulbs from a good company.  I recommend Colorblends.  Check out their website by clicking HERE

Tip #2: Watch this video that I did for WFSB's Better Connecticut demonstrating how to plant them: Click HERE

Tip#3: Soak the bulb in water for 30 minutes before planting in soil.  This hydrates the roots so they begin to grow quicker.

Tip#4: Keep the planted bulb in a bright, sunny window and in a warmer room.  They (like me) prefer temps closer to 70 degrees.

Tip#5: Cut back the flower stalk as soon as the buds begin to fade.

Tip#6: Enjoy the dramatic strappy leaves until spring and then add your Amaryllis bulb to a planter or the garden and watch it flower again outside!