Thursday, November 15, 2012

Set to Celebrate

As I write, I'm transitioning from mad floral designer to Garden Club Socialite.  OK, so Garden Club Socialite is both a stretch and exaggeration, but mad floral designer is not! My husband and I are going to the preview party this evening which sets off Set to Celebrate after I spent the morning designing a floral centerpiece for the event. Set to Celebrate is a show house of types- held at the Town and County Club in Hartford, Connecticut. The club is filled with beautifully decorated table tops.  All of the money raised from the event is put towards to preservation of the Heritage Rose Garden at Elizabeth Park.

My kitchen floor as I was designing my centerpiece this morning. Yikes!

There is still time to buy tickets- Click HERE to see the Set to Celebrate web site. 

A work in progress- real grapes, clementines and a pomegranate!
 I'm excited to share that I've collaborated with the Mark Twain House and have created the floral centerpiece on the table that features the Clemens' breakfast china and silver.  Thank you, Olivia and Sam Clemens for giving me a beautiful set of china to work off of.  I hope you would be proud!  

The Twain Table, set for breakfast!

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