Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Workin on the Web

Call off the search- aliens didn't take me and I'm not trapped in that show Under the Dome. It's just that June came- that means a lot of designs and planting. And now it's July and that means water and weed like it's your job. But there is still design work to do! Not only are a few garden plans calling for me but my website is too. 

Don't get all crazy critical on me.  This early preview is a serious work in progress.  Very serious work in progress.  So things will only change and get better, but I am too excited not to share it with you now! 

So, without further ado.....(drum roll).....


It's not a flowery domain name- but it's my name, so it works! I hope you email me any suggestions and I promise more frequent blog posts soon!    

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