Monday, February 3, 2014

Air Plants

From the mouth of Scot Haney, "Air plants for air heads".  I would say the perfect plant for those plagued by a brown thumb.  Still the greenest of thumbs will adore the unique shapes, textures and joy of growing air plants, so really they are for all of us!

Click HERE to see the segment I did for WFSB's Better CT show about these nifty plants. 
Air plants or Tillandsia do not grow in soil, require only moderate light and a soak in water once a week.  In the wild they only use roots to an object and pull all of their water and nutrients from the air or rain.  You can keep them in anything but my favorite container are clear glass orbs that allow you to appreciate the beauty of each individual air plant. 
So to recap:
1. Display your air plant in anything (but soil)
2. Give it moderate light
3. Soak in water about once a week for 2-3 hours
The kind (and very creative) folks at Kestrel in Northampton Massachusetts gave me three plants to use of WFSB's Better CT today. The thicker, fuzzy one is a Caput-Medusae, the teeny wispy one is an Argentea and the tall thin variety with a flower bud is a Juncea. Click HERE to check them out!
All of the pictures in this post were taken at Kestrel.  It's a seriously cool shop for anyone who likes to decorate their home with plants and d├ęcor by local artisans. Kestrel is located at 22 Masonic Street, Northampton MA.

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