Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Stock up on Summer Supplies

My friend The Chicken Chick recently shared an awesome coupon with me from Tractor Supply Co. You can print the coupons for $5 off $25 and $10 off $50 by clicking HERE

Don't let the name mislead you... Tractor Supply sells way more than tractor supplies. You can find all kinds of pet foods, tools, and supplies for your home and garden.
I just used my $10 coupon towards a new sprayer, a Carona saw, some pine shavings for my new chicks and I found a cute summer tank! Yes they even have clothes and shoes!
Johnny and Baby inspecting the new shavings in the chicken coop.
But I'm most excited about my new hose nozzle!  If a Garden Fairy can feel bad-ass, I'm feeling it with my new nozzle called the '8 Pattern Pistol Nozzle'!  The regular price is only $4.99 but with the coupon it came to $4.18! Are you kidding!?!?!

I'm spending a lot of time watering my flowers this year since it's been sooo dry this summer.  So I'm especially loving my Portulaca that THRIVE in dry heat!
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Peace and love, Julie


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