Monday, November 7, 2016

Elegant Fall Wedding

Since we have 'fallen back' on daylight savings time, I can't help but fall back in love with the autumn wedding flowers that I arranged for the sweetest couple for their October 30th celebration. The reception was held at The New Haven Lawn Club in New Haven, Connecticut which made for the perfect, elegant backdrop for the couple and of course the flowers!

I hope these photos inspire you and maybe even spark some of your own creativity!

You can watch a fun video of Kristina and Michael's big day with lots of great images of the flower arrangements, just click HERE! And enjoy the photos below....

Fall Wedding Video with Flowers by Julie The Garden Fairy
Church arrangement for the wedding ceremony.
The Bridal Bouquet.
A few of the five bridesmaid's bouquets.

The entrance to the New Haven Lawn Club.
Details of the lanterns leading up to the front door.
The welcome table that greeted guests of the wedding.

10 unique bud vases topped each table in the cocktail room.
How cute is this open bar warning?
I love the presentation for the escort cards.
And I'm glad that we had one extra candelabra for this table!
This memorial arrangement for loved ones was beautiful in the sun...
And just as beautiful in candlelight.
I spent a ridiculous amount of time arranging the roses on this cake. I wanted it to be perfect and I couldn't make any mistakes because the frosting would have told on me.
Instead of traditional arrangements, the bride chose runners for the tables with gold candelabras.
The ballroom complete and ready for a celebration! I couldn't do it without my team. Pictured with me are Lisa and Julie who helped me with delivery and set up.
Not pictured is Kathy who helped me the night before.
I'm grateful for Kristina and Michael for including me on their special day
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 xox Julie


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