Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Career Change?

Scot Haney and me!
Yesterday went down as a "Top 20" in the life of Julie Harrison!  As many of you know, every Monday I do a brief story for WFSB's Better Connecticut on Gardening.  It's a magazine style TV show which covers everything Connecticut- travel destinations, hot news, beauty trends, local happenings etc...  Kara Sundlun and Scot Haney are the co-hosts of the show, but with Kara out of the country, her seat needed to be filled.  I was both thrilled and honored to be asked to do it!  Scot is always fun to work with, but to do the entire one hour show with him was just a blast! I had a lot of laughs, met some great people and tasted some delicious cupcakes!

Here are a few notes about the show:

1. My dress is from Artichoke is West Hartford, CT (and then borrowed from my Mother-in-law's closet!!!)

2. I neglected to mention that besides eating ice cream this weekend I also: had lunch with a special friend, Hillary, at Max Burger.  My husband Chip and daughter Elle and I were treated to a fabulous and relaxing dinner with the Scranton family.  I went shopping and worked in the garden.  In a nutshell, there was actually a lot of eating going on this weekend, but I did do more than eat ice cream!

3. Scot did not smoke the Japanese Maple leaf, so I cannot follow up with his reaction on the effects of that.

Doing a TV show is fast paced and fun. I would certainly entertain any offers to do it again! Does anyone have any New York hookups for me at NBC? Maybe I can take over for Ann Curry?
Two of my fans.. these ladies are sisters and come to the studio to see the show live,
every Monday!!! I LOVE them!