Thursday, June 21, 2012

Water Through the Heat

Elle says, "When the sun is so strong I shall wear my shirt as a hat!"
While I regret beginning a post with an apology, I must say sorry for my absence.   My dear brother-in-law has been sick and my mind and energy have been with him and his family.  We just received news yesterday that he is kicking some butt and taking names- cancer messed with the wrong dude!
"No One Fights Alone" reads the bracelet I wear every day for my brother-in-law
Hello, Summer!
Here in Connecticut temps have nearly reached 100 degrees over the past couple of days.  Not only am I feeling the heat, but my plants are too.  You might notice that many of your plants look wilted as sun and the temperature rise through the day.  This is actually a good sign that your plants are responding to the heat, as gentle leaf curling is a natural defense to restrict water loss.  Crunchy, brown leaves are a bad sign which is a major SOS for water. 
Make sure that you give all of your plants a good drink first thing in the morning.  As you need your morning cup of Joe, your plants need some H2O!  If they look like they still need a drink at night, carefully offer a ‘night cap’ at the soil level, and try not to get water on the leaves.  Allowing water to sit on your plant’s foliage overnight can lead to fungus growth.  Yuck!
A Hydrangea with leaf curling in the heat of the afternoon

The same Hydrangea looking great again in the evening after a drink
I am watering all of my pots and planters TWICE a day in this heat.  Give an extra drink now and you shall receive flowers in abundance after this heat wave!

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