Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Flowers- Easy and Fabulous!

It seems like Easter is sneaking up on us quickly this year.  While I was brainstorming ideas for WFSB’s Better Connecticut, I realized this and made sure that I did a story on the best plant to give and receive for Easter, as well as a quick, super easy and cheerful Easter centerpiece.  Click on this link: Easter Flowers to check it out.  The green sheet moss that I used is a nice way to cover the ‘mechanics’ of your centerpieces.  In this case that is the soil, the pots and any spaces in between. This moss is something different from Spanish moss and I think a better choice for spring.  This package had my name on it…literally!  “Natural Elegance for Home & Garden”

I like this trio of purple hyacinths, pink tulips and yellow daffodils together.

But, I have seen a lot of monochromatic color schemes in arrangements lately. You could use all white bulbs, or yellow and white for a crisp, fresh look.  Think about what other colors will grace your Easter table and pull your bulb selection from that.     
Martha Stewart
Once these flowers have almost expired, I will deadhead them (remove the flower stems) and plant them out in the garden.  If you leave the flowers for too long, they will begin to go to seed which robs the bulb of energy.  Removing the flowers ensures that the bulb will be re-charged to flower again next year. Be sure to leave the foliage alone and only remove it once the leaves turn yellow and begin to dry up.    

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