Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

I love that we dedicate an entire day to our sweet Mother Earth to celebrate her.  BUT (you knew that was coming) how can we think of her just one day out of the year?  I mean, let’s make some serious changes that we can do all year long.  Here are five things that I do, plan to do, or will be thoughtful of this year.  Will you please join me?  Think of someone you love and try to make our world better for them by leaving a lighter footstep.

1.       Paper or plastic? No thanks!

Remember to actually use your re-usable bags.  Keep some in your car for those last minute stops at the store.  And don’t discriminate- they can be used for more than groceries!   

2.       You can grow it.

Grow your own veggies.  It’s easy, saves $$$ and you will have a new affinity to vegetables.  They taste so much better when you grow them yourself, organically.  

3.       Lights out!

Even though you have switched every light bulb in your house to the energy efficient type, doesn’t mean you need every light in the house on.  Sounds elementary, but when you leave a room, turn off the light. 

4.       Don’t STEP into the trap. 

Skip the $@*!!’s Four Step Program.  Most people don’t even know what they are treating with or for when they apply those bags of chemicals to their lawns.  The local hardware store in town has a big sign out front: Apply Step One Now!  (PUKE!) Do you really want those puppy paws and baby toes running through a toxic yard?  I will write a week’s worth of blog posts about how to have a healthy, green lawn without going through four steps of chemical applications. For now, don’t be a sheep.  Skip the applications.

5.       Right plant, right place!
Plant a couple of deciduous trees on the south side of your house. They will shade your house in the summer which will help to reduce the amount of cooling needed for your home in summer.  In winter when the leaves have dropped off, the sunlight will help to warm your house.  Plant some evergreen trees on the north side of your house to cut back on the wind that hits your house in winter.  Easy on your house, easy on your energy bill!

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