Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good Bye Old Oaks

This past October Connecticut experienced an unusually early snow storm.  Storm Alfred dropped copious amounts of wet, heavy snow in our area which resulted in tremendous damage.  Because most of the deciduous (plants that drop their leaves in the winter) trees were still holding on to their foliage, the snow accumulated quickly and took an extensive toll on them. Broken branches and downed trees crossed every road and yard for miles.  Our two old Oak trees were no exception.  We were lucky that they didn’t fall down on our tiny guest house, but they suffered major damage from the storm and so it was decided that rather than ‘clean’ them up by pruning the broken branches, they were to come down.  This week we said farewell to our two old oak trees.  Sikes Tree Service of Suffield, Connecticut cut them down with the greatest of ease.
The first and largest Oak

Tool of the trade

The second Oak tree

This third Oak tree was saved and only had a few broken branches removed.
The trees made the saddest groaning noise right before they fell.  (Seriously.  I wish I had my video camera rolling to capture this.  It’s like nothing you’ve heard before and it’s so sad.) When the trees fell, the ground shook.  It was incredible in many ways.  Each ring in the trunk indicates one year of life and it look like this tree was about 50-60 years old.  Thank you for your many years of service- your cool shade, home for animals and soft rustle of leaves are already missed more than you will ever know.     

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