Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Garden Therapy

A dear friend of mine, who is facing a very difficult time, has been finding solace in her garden.  After a trying day, I too find there to be no better remedy than some quiet time spent in my garden.  Even if you can spend just 15 minutes a day in the garden, it can make all the difference.  The difference that you will see in the garden will be miniscule incomparison to the difference YOU will feel from taking the time for yourself.  
The following excerpt is from an article that was published by the National Wildlife Federation called, Your Health: Healing Gardens by Anne Bolen:
“Environmental psychologist Kathleen Wolf at the University of Washington has gathered more than 1,800 research papers spanning the last 40 years—most published in the past decade—which show that green spaces in cities can provide a number of benefits. These include: faster healing; reduced ailments such as high blood pressure and diabetes; increased coping and learning capacity; promotion of a sense of community and self-esteem; and, in some cases, reduced crime."

A Space that I designed...Before....

                                                       After: Fall:

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