Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seeds of Change

There are two types of mail that put a smile on my face- a card from a friend and a good magazine.  So why did my Seeds of Change 2012 Catalog make me smile? Because it’s like really good magazine filled with unusual plants and loaded with facts.  All of the seeds and plants are 100% certified organic. Each plant is introduced with a brief but thorough tutorial of how to plant, grow, harvest and even some pest and disease prevention.  Seeds of Change make raising plants easier than raising a baby. 
I love that these plants have not been genetically modified and many cannot be found in your local garden center.  When you are done with growing the same tomatoes, beans and cucumbers year after year, try Seeds of Change. 

Nothing beats fresh, sweet watermelon at the end of the summer and I thought this yellow variety called Desert King would be neat to try.  I’m also looking forward to establishing a small ‘orchard’ on Austin Farm.  From a design perspective, I love the grid that neatly planted fruit trees create.  I’m thinking 12 trees- three by four would be interesting to look at off to the side of the property.  Seeds of Change sells apple trees that are two years old and about four feet tall.  They should begin fruiting within two to four years of planting and I don’t mind waiting.    


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