Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vernal Equinox

Norfolk Botanical Garden
Happy Vernal Equinox! Today marks the first day of spring, a season of transition, renewal and my favorite season of all.  The sun is positioned directly over the equator making the length of our day and night equal.  From now until summer arrives, the length of the days will become longer, which to me, is pure bliss!  My gardens are bursting at the seams right now and I’m busier than a bee trying to keep up.
National Geographic
 Yesterday, my sweet husband and I went for a hike with the baby in tow up Talcott Mountain in Simsbury, Connecticut.  I found some beautiful Pieris japonica or Andromeda in full (pink!) bloom… the species flowers in white, so this variety is likely ‘Dorothy Wycoff’ but I can’t say for sure.
This is a fabulous evergreen shrub that does well when protected from the afternoon sun. Every garden should have at least three Andromeda. Why?
1.       They flower in spring and last for a looooong time.
2.       They are a broad leaf evergreen (Leaves do not drop off in winter).
3.       They make fabulous cuttings for winter decorating in wreaths, planters and fresh floral arrangements.    

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