Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Starting Spinach from Seed-SSS

My apologies for not posting yesterday.  With a story (below) about growing spinach, and taping two new gardening stories for WFSB’s Better Connecticut…. (Stay tuned!) there was little time to do much more yesterday. 

But back to that spinach- Yummy! Our household goes through a lot of this stuff.  It is nutritious and delicious. We use spinach instead of lettuce in salads and we also love it wilted with a squeeze of lemon. Spinach also happens to be a really easy-to-grow cold weather plant. I found it especially helpful to re-use a plastic spinach box as a mini greenhouse.  Click HERE to watch a clip on getting started!
Besides starting Spinach inside, you can also directly seed outdoors right now.  Spinach grows much better in cool weather.  In the heat of summer it becomes bitter and ‘bolts’- which means grows quickly to produce seeds which is not what we want for eating.    
The Seed Packet

Day 1- Planting

The plastic 'greenhouse' keeps the soil moist for germination

Day 7- Life!

Now the 'greenhouse' roof is removed to allow maximum light and air to the baby spinach

The payoff!

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