Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peepers and Gardencize

Last night I caught a sound that hadn’t been heard in months.  It is the sound of summer, the Peepers are out!  Hurray! It’s hard to believe that it’s just the beginning of March and we are so spoiled with sun filled days reaching nearly 70 degrees and with evenings filled with the early sounds of spring. Here on Austin farm where I live in Connecticut, the sound of Peepers in the summer in nearly deafening.  After a while you get used to them, until one late fall evening you realize that the night has become silent.  Winter is on its way. Fortunately, we are on the flip side and I love hearing these little guys serenading me to sleep. 
The range of Peeper frogs in North America
Anyway, I’ve been taking advantage of these marvelous March days and working like whirling tornado in my gardens.  Pansies are planted, seeds are sown and leaves are raked.  And boy, am I hungry! It’s no wonder, gardening is hard work and BONOUS… a calorie burner! Now I don’t have to feel so guilty about indulging in a couple of Almond Joys! The National Gardening Association lists the following garden activities- with calories burnt in 30 minutes.  This is considering that you weigh 180 lbs. (Just for the record, I, do not.)
-40 Sitting quietly in the garden
-162 Raking leaves
Like the Peepers, I'm in the garden at night too!

This is hard work.
-182 Trimming shrubs manually
-182 Weeding
I love gardening in my flip flops!
-243 Chopping wood
-243 Using a push mower
-364 Shoveling heavy snow

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