Friday, March 16, 2012

Northwest Park

Today Elle and I explored Northwest Park in Windsor, Connecticut. The weather was nice (again) so we wanted to meet up with another Mommy and her baby and be outside. The park was perfect!  I’m always looking at things from a landscape perspective- both appreciating and critiquing.  There is some beautiful stone work, and an interesting space in the center of the park, but few plantings besides some Crabapple trees worth noting. I don't know what the interesting space was designed for, but I love it.

An interesting space

What is it for?

Beautiful Lichen growing on some stones- Lichen is an organism that's part fungus, part alga and is harmless to what it grows on.  It is sensitive to air pollution, so if you have it growing on your trees or rocks, be grateful!

Elle thought the swings were the tops!


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