Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blue Atlas Cedar

Despite the fact that I have a major itch for spring to arrive, I’m making an effort to appreciate the winter landscape.  There are some plants that can be overlooked in the spring and summer when we live in a world of color and flowery distractions. 
Two years ago I planted a Blue Atlas Cedar in my front yard. 
Just an awkward teenager, for now.

It’s a serious Charlie Brown tree at this point, but it promises an impressive future. At this stage of the tree’s life it’s like an awkward teenager. My Cedar is a Pendula cultivar- it’s a true specimen tree deserving of a spotlight. These are the stats on this fellow…should I name him Charlie?:
The Latin name is Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca Pendula’
Hardy in zones 6-9

Cedar cones!

An evergreen (or is it everblue?) with silvery-blue needles

Small silvery blue needles in clusters

This tree requires full sun-partial shade and soil that is well-drained.  Mine is growing in full sun and sandy soil.

Some much needed color for the middle of winter

This cultivar will grow to be about 15’ or so- it’s hard to say for sure as they have a mind of their own.  Don’t ever try to tell a ’Pendula’ how high or which direction to grow, as they NEVER listen!
If you ever need to do some research on plants, you might want to try using The UConn Plant Data Base.  I’m a huge fan, not only because UConn is my alma mater, but because this site gives accurate information about plants.  There is even a voice that will tell you the correct pronunciation of these tricky Latin names.  Carpe diem!

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