Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Breaking The Rules

This morning I had blast chatting with Melissa Cole on the Mary Jones Show. Perhaps it’s that I just love to talk, but 15 minutes on the radio feels like a New York minute!
Lots of people will tell you not to plant yet….but I did! Plants have surprised me so many times before, I figured why not? Of course, I broke the rules within reason.  I don’t recommend planting tomatoes and cucumbers yet, but there are a few things that have more than a fighting chance this time of year.  Spinach, lettuce and broccoli (just to name a few) can be sown (planted from seed) outside even with the threat of frost and snow looming. 
I planted some Red Salad Bowl lettuce seeds directly into a wooden barrel and placed it in the planting bed on the south side of the house. Here it will be protected and get a lot of warm sun.  I always found that leaving the seed packet by the planting looked like a head stone, so instead of leaving what looks like “RIP Lettuce- We hardly knew ye” try starting a garden log this year.  Keep notes of what you do in the garden each day, where things are planted and even tape in the seed packets or plant tags.  This is a great way to learn from your mistakes and easy to copy what worked for next year!  
Nothing beats fresh lettuce!

The seeds are small, I use the seed packet to evenly spread them of the surface of the soil

These are lettuce seeds

Lettuce seeds should not be planted too deeply. I use my finger tips to push then just into the soil and cover them.

Then I press them into the soil to keep them snug as bugs until they sprout.

Please don't use the seed packet to mark your planting.
This looks to me like a head stone: REST IN PEACE LETTUCE

This looks much better!

Try a garden log to keep track of what you plant and where

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