Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Snaprise!

A quick hour of work in the garden this morning turned out to be more exciting than expected! I can blame both my baby, and the October snow storm for my lackadaisical fall garden clean up.  But enough with the excuses, I just fell behind this year and now I’m playing catch up.  In my backyard is an old fence that at one time corralled horses but I’ve transformed it to corral a mixed boarder of azaleas, perennials and some cutting flowers.  It turns out that my delayed clean up worked in my favor this year- Woody and I made an interesting discovery. 

A most embarrassing shot...before...

After! Woody embraces our discovery!

I cut back the stems from last summer, just above the new growth.

Another survivor!

These Daffodils (looking yellow) were so happy to see sun for the first time this year.
The oak leaves that were never raked up formed the perfect protection around my Snapdragons and as a result, many of them have survived the winter! Upon further consideration this isn’t a huge surprise.  We’ve been treated to an exceptionally mild winter and Snapdragons are a fairly cold hardy plant.  Still, they are not perennials in Connecticut and as long as they can rough out the remainder of winter now that they are exposed, I’m one step ahead of planting! 

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