Friday, February 10, 2012


 This is not a post about plants, or design. 
It is a post about a friendship and I had to share.  

Elle and Me
Tessa and Aimee



Just over a year ago I met Aimee in a prenatal yoga class.  Aimee and I both seemed to show up early to class a few times and would chat while waiting for the instructor to arrive.  We discovered that not only were we both into yoga but we also shared a special date- our baby’s due date! In preparation for our baby, my husband and I decided to take a Hypnobirthing class through Hartford Hospital, but we weren’t the only ones.  Three other great couples, including Aimee and her husband, Youssef did the same! 

Aimee, Lori, Kathy (teacher), Melissa and Me
Our bellies were about to pop!

This wasn’t planned and I was happy to see a familiar face when we walked into class for the first time.  As life throws us curve balls, Aimee and Youssef’s baby, Tessa, was born three weeks early and our baby, Elle, was born two weeks late.
Tessa and Elle, March 26, 2011- still very new
Tessa and Elle at the Wadsworth's Festival of Trees, December 2011
Note: Both heads are leaning right and both have left feet in the air. And both Mommies bought BOB strollers!
On Wednesday we celebrated Tessa’s first birthday.  It was a celebration of Tessa’s first year with us as much as it was a celebration of Aimee and Youssef’s rite of passage into parenthood. For me, it was a glimpse of what our own celebration will be like in five weeks and it makes me kind of weepy and excited at the same time.  It has been a year filled with many challenges, exhaustion, tears, overwhelming joy and incredible friendship.

The birthday girl, Tessa enjoying her cake and the attention
Elle and Tessa having fun with some new toys
Isn’t it interesting how we are somehow drawn to certain people? There seems to be an energy that connects us, brings us together and forever changes us.  I am so thankful for that energy and appreciative for those special friends. 
Tessa and Elle, February 2012

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