Thursday, February 9, 2012

Coral Bells- My Signature

Many artists have a symbol or special signature that distinguishes their work from others.  When working mediums such as paints, glass, clay or wood, this is pretty easy. 
Simon Pearce signature stamp on a glass bowl
 It’s a little trickier for landscape designers to leave a signature.  I find my style can change a lot depending on the client’s taste- I don’t have a single unique look to my designs.  There is however one plant that seems to make an appearance in many, if not nearly all of my designs.  So I guess this might be my own signature, in a way.  I am crazy for Heucheras! I just love them! You might also know them as Coral Bells and they come in a rainbow of colors.  Some varieties can be sweet and understated others are bold and eccentric. They are a true perennial- coming back year after year with awesome foliage and delicate looking flowers.  I should add that the foliage (leaves) kick butt all year long, looking good all winter when almost all other perennials have died down to the ground.  Here is one in my foundation planting still looking pretty in February! Next month I will trim these leaves off which will encourage new leaves to emerge. 

Heucheras prefer full to partial shade- in full sun they will roast.  They also need well drained soil or the roots will rot.  If you don’t have one in your yard, you should seriously consider planting one or eleven! Another use- they make great companions to annual planters and pots as well.  I will demonstrate this for you come spring.   

My signature

These daffodils promise that winter will end and spring will arrive.  That being said, I remember many years when a foot of snow has fallen when my daffodils were in full bloom.  Stay strong, Daffies, we can get through this together!    

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