Monday, February 27, 2012

Mood Boards and a radio show

You may find it very helpful to create a mood board when you are in the early stages of garden design.  click here to watch a brief segment about using them that aired on WFSB’s Better Connecticut show. Mood boards are an excellent way to help focus on what elements you like most and a fabulous way to communicate to your landscape designer what you want your landscape to accomplish.    

Tomorrow I will be on the Mary Jones Radio Show with my dear friend Melissa Cole filling in for Mary.  Tune in at 10 am on Tuesday, February 28th to WDRC-AM 1360. Melissa has a great show planned- I can’t wait to chat with her!  Here is the home page of Mary Jones Show, click HERE
The baby was up three times last night (molars are trying to break through) and I’m ready to shut it down for the night. Sweet dreams!

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