Saturday, February 25, 2012

In the mood?

Many designers use a mood board to focus their attention towards a certain goal.  A mood board is a poster or bulletin board of sorts that collects photos, textures, quotes, and whatever moves the designer.  Many interior decorators and fashion designers use mood boards- and I think landscape designers can gain a lot from using them too.  With an effective landscape tickling so many of our senses, a designer needs to focus in on what’s really important.  I have seen many gardens that simply have ‘too much going on’ and end up being distracting and ineffective. 
One of my many Inspiration folders
This folder has many plant combinations that I love

I have used folders like this one hold images and snippets that I’ve collected along the way- but when I’m designing, I need to see them in front of me.  I’m notorious for pinning photos of inspiration on the wall in front of my desk.  A mood board is a more sophisticated way of doing this- and you might find it helpful as well.  This Monday- February 27th I will demonstrate how to create a mood board on WFSB’s Better Connecticut.  Tune in at 3pm to watch but if you miss it, I’ll post it here Monday afternoon.
In the meantime… start collecting your inspiration!  

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