Monday, February 20, 2012

Growing Avocado

It’s fun watching things grow.  A new sprout confirms life and new sprouts, whether grass, a pea, or an oak tree are just adorable when they start to grow.  Equally exciting is the development of roots-  new life is dropping an anchor to stay around a while.  The thing is we hardly get the chance to watch both emerge.  But if you would like to, try growing an avocado plant from a seed.  It will give you a chance to watch both the north and south sprouts grow!

Cut the fruit in half but try not to cut the seed.

Use a spoon to remove the seed from the fleshy part of the fruit.

Make sure you remove as much of the brown leathery skin as possible. It helps to soak the seed in water overnight and then scrape the skin off.

Insert three toothpicks at an angle to suspend the seed in a glass of water.
(This reminds me of molecular models from high school!)

It's important that the seed does not dry out.  Change the water every couple of days to maintain the water level and keep the seed healthy.

Once the root sprouts, plant the seed in soil leaving about 1/4 of the seed exposed.  Once the root and stem sprout, the seed will split in half as you see here.

A baby is born! Let's call him Avo? Keep your new house plant warm and in a sunny window, it will do well on the patio in summer too. 
Remember that Avocados are tropical plants and they just can't stand the cold. 

Today on WFSB's Better Connecticut I demonstrated how to get started...
CLICK HERE to watch!

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